958395_57812936There are various types of residential surveys which are available that we specialise in detailed building surveys and structural analysis reports.

Structural analysis reports are where the existing structure is assessed to ascertain whether or not there are indications of structural failure, whether that failure is recent or progressive and what remedial works are required.

These reports are often required by lending institutions prior to lending or insurance being offered and will often relate to cracking in buildings and similar types of defects.


Additional we provide detailed building surveys on residential properties for use prior to acquisition.

These are particularly detailed surveys and can either cover all aspects of the building or can be tailored to reflect particular concerns that a purchaser may have.
If required, engineers can be  utilised to assist in testing service installations, drainage, etc, although often these are inspected visually before such tests are undertaken.

The reports provided are detailed and give clear indications of defects found, remedial works required and the estimated cost of repair.

We will discuss your requirements and provide you with a fixed fee for the survey required and agree when that survey will be undertaken and when the report will be available to you.

These are detailed surveys which will provide the purchaser with a great deal of information upon the condition of the building, any defects that may exist and furthermore give indications of remedial works and estimated costs.

This type of survey differs considerably from the homebuyers report which is more menu based and much more limited in extent and content.